couplesAs your therapist, I provide a space where your individual differences are respected and connections with each other are strengthened.  In our work together you will be encouraged to share your feelings about one another in an open and honest way.  Although this can be a scary notion to consider, the benefit of having a therapist as an engaged observer in the room during these often difficult discussions, is that as your therapist, I can help identify the pattern or cycle that couples often times get stuck in.  It can be challenging to find resolution when couples find themselves in this holding pattern.  Together, we will work on finding new ways of communicating and connecting that will help move your relationship forward while shedding some of these old patterns that no longer serve the relationship.

Reasons Couples Seek Therapy

-Challenges around communication
-Feeling misunderstood
-Thoughts or acts of infidelity
-Financial stresses
-Experiencing a lack of intimacy
-Difficulty balancing your relationship with other areas such work, parenthood, and Individual interests

As your therapist, I take a collaborative and engaged approach to helping you find the resolution you are looking for.  The following are several ways that you, as a couple can benefit from our work together.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy

-Learning effective and respectful ways to communicate with one another
-Accepting and understanding differences
-Utilizing Stress Management Skills
-Increasing trust within the relationship
-Strengthening connection and intimacy
-Improving Sexual Satisfaction in the Relationship
-Honoring Individual needs while growing together as a couple
-Develop a deeper understanding of why you chose your partner and how your relationship can provide an opportunity for Healing, Growth and Change.   

I also offer support for those couples deciding to end their relationship by providing a safe and respectful space to process feelings about ending and moving on.  You may also find couples therapy helpful when addressing issues such as co-parenting or looking to repair strained friendships.  Please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation or to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your particular needs and how I can help.