Families and Teens


It is often in our closest relationships that we experience the most joy, love, and comfort.  It is in these same relationships that we may also experience the most sadness, frustration and disappointment.  This full emotional experience is common in most families, (if not all).  However, there are times when a family can get caught in a cycle of relating that is not helpful and can be detrimental to the whole family system. This can result in deep, unresolved emotional issues being brought to the surface.  Some of the ways that these unresolved emotional issues can show up in the family system are by way of experiencing ongoing conflict, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and behavioral changes in children and teens.  Over the years I have successfully helped provide support to families struggling with these issues and helped them identify the root cause, while also helping each family member find their role in creating change.

Benefits of Family Therapy:

-A deeper understanding of themselves and of other family members
-Improved communication skills
-Knowing how to ask for and give support
-Parents working together as a team
-Improved Parent/child relationships

My time working with families has offered me the privilege to work with a diverse range of family structures dealing with their own unique joys and challenges.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation and look forward to discussing how I may be of help to your family..


The transition from childhood into young adulthood is often a confusing and challenging time for most teens as they are discovering who they are.  Sometimes, however, additional stresses and conflicts can impact a teen’s ability to navigate through this sensitive time in their life and therapy can provide the extra support they need.  I have worked with teens dealing with various issues, including:

-Anxiety or Depression
-Body image and eating disorders
-Feeling overwhelmed with school and/or other activities
-Conflict with peers
-Conflict with family members
-Issues related to Identity, Gender and Sexuality
-Substance abuse
-Low Self-esteem
-Divorce or Separation in the family
-Challenges around blending families
-Self Injury

You may notice that your teen has become withdrawn or isolated from others, is experiencing significant changes in behavior or mood, or is struggling with changes in academic performance. Teens in need of therapy may not know how to ask for help and it is important for parents and other caregivers to help identify if therapy is necessary and encourage participation.

In my work with teens, I have had success building trusting relationships that, over time, allows for more open communication and change to happen.  Allowing space for teens to express themselves honestly and freely while providing tools which help them to respond to the world in a healthy and productive way is an essential part of my work.  In working with teens, I help them to identify and build on their strengths while utilizing internal and external resources that will help to improve their overall wellbeing. This empowers them to make informed and respectful decisions about their life and can help guide them in how they feel about themselves and how they interact with others.

Whether you are a teen wanting support for yourself, or you are a parent or guardian seeking therapy for your teen, please contact me with any questions you might have.