Often people come into individual therapy when they are experiencing anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, struggling with depression, feeling unsatisfied in relationships or having difficulty with major life changes and transitions. As your therapist, I provide an inviting, safe, and caring place for you to share openly, without fear of judgment, to focus on examining and resolving whatever challenges you are currently facing.

The foundation of our work will focus on exploring your thoughts, feelings, and somatic experience as they arise in the room here and now.  When you become aware of what you are experiencing in the present moment, you are able to connect more fully with yourself and with what you want. By perceiving your needs and understanding your patterns, you can make more conscious choices that will ultimately support real growth and transformation.

Benefits of Individual therapy:

-Managing Anxiety
-Coping with Feelings of Sadness or Depression
-Increasing Self-Esteem
-Enhancing Connection through Relationships
-Moving through major life transitions such as Getting Married, Child Birth, Changing Careers
-Cultivating Balance in your life
-Stress Reduction
-Addressing Existential/Spiritual Concerns

The reasons people enter into therapy are as diverse as the people seeking treatment.  If you do not see your unique concerns addressed on this site, I encourage you to contact me so we can discuss further how I may be of help.