Pregnancy and New Parents

Growing a family is a joyous life event and can also bring feelings of anxiety, identity issues and possible strains to existing relationships.  As an experienced holistic psychotherapist, I help clients to celebrate this milestone while navigating through the challenges of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting issues.

Benefits of Therapy for Expecting and New Parents

-Help managing stress and/or anxiety
-Promoting self care
-Preparation and planning for your new arrival by identifying family and community resources
-Supporting connection with yourself, your baby and your partner
-Integrating thoughts and feelings about your new role as a parent
-Receiving kind, non-judgmental support around parenting choices and styles

*Integrating your birth story

I create a warm and welcoming space for mothers to come and share their birth story.   Giving birth and creating life is a profound and extraordinary event in a women’s life. It is very common for new mothers to experience a wide range of feelings associated with their birthing experience. It is important to mark this rite of passage by sharing your own unique birth experience while exploring feelings you may not know how to process.  The complexity of emotions experienced during the birthing process is something rarely talked about in its entirety by new mothers. You may have shared a condensed version of your birth experience with close friends or family members; however, I invite you to share with me your complete story, including the moments you may find difficult to share with others. Whether you have had a challenging or traumatic birth, are feeling unsettled that your birth experience did not turn out how you imagined, or want to re-remember the strength, courage, joy and challenges you experienced while giving birth, I will help you integrate your whole experience. Together we will tackle the issues that may have arisen since your baby was born so you can focus on being a present and healthy parent to your child.

*Therapy Groups: 

I also offer pregnancy support groups, and support groups for new parents.  Please inquire if interested to see if there are current groups running.